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Magic Pad is the fun new way to sketch and create, so all your art illuminates. Its unique pad is clear, but once you draw your art glows super bright. Day or night, the magic color burst LEDs light with Illumi-Screen Science. You can sketch vibrant space aliens or beaming elephants. Press the button and make everything flash, or scramble the colors of your underwater world. There are 8 different light effects in all. And it’s reusable. Just wipe clean and do it all over again.

Draw, sketch and make learning fun.

Light it up with Magic Pad. Pop in one of the included stencils and trace a funky monkey that glows. Or play games like Tic Tac Glow. And it makes learning fun. Great for spelling, math and reading. No more broken crayons or messy cleanups. Hours of fun on long trips. Makes the best glowing night light. Or make an eyepopping neon sign everyone is sure to see.

TV Double Offer.

Get your complete Magic Pad Glowing Art Kit, complete with 3 dual sided neon pens, 30 stencils with art, games, learning and more, travel/storage case, and fun guide loaded with Magic Pad ideas. Get it all for only $19.99 plus $5.99 S&H, and you can double the offer and get two complete Magic Pad sets (just pay a separate $5.99 fee).

$19.99 plus $5.99 S&H (Separate $5.99 fee for the 2nd unit)


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