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Magic Sketch by Boogie Board

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Magic Sketch by Boogie Board

Now, there’s a fun new way to doodle, draw and sketch. Introducing Magic Sketch from the makers of Boogie Board. It uses an amazing new liquid crystal screen that writes just like pen on paper. Nothing else in the world writes like a Magic Sketch. Your kids can create all kinds of amazing art. When you’re done, it clears instantly with just the push of a button. The screen is even see-through, so you can also trace.

2016 Hottest Toy of the Year

Younger kids can learn math, or practice their ABCs. Older kids can use tracing stencils for advanced art, or for games like tic-tac-toe, word find or dots and boxes. Just push the button, and you can start all over again.

Great alternative to expensive, breakable tablets.

Magic Sketch is perfect for long car trips. You can use the included stencils, or you can make your very own. Magic Sketch is a fun alternative to an iPad or other tablet. Tablets aren’t water resistant like Magic Sketch. If you have a little spill, no problem. Just wipe it off and keep on doodling. Unlike a tablet, Magic Sketch is super kid-proof. You can drop it, toss it, even step on it and it won’t break.

No need to charge or replace batteries.

You never need to charge it, because the battery lasts for over 7 years. Kids love Magic Sketch, and kids love it too because there’s no mess from paints, markers and crayons. Order Magic Sketch through this special offer, and you can upgrade to the deluxe kit for free. You’ll get 4 styluses, 3 stamps, 1 roller, 20 magic art stencils, 20 magic learning stencils, and 20 magic game stencils — all for $29.95 plus shipping. If you have a birthday, holiday or special event coming up, Magic Sketch makes the perfect gift.

$29.95 plus S&H


4 thoughts on “Magic Sketch by Boogie Board

  1. Order #19985130

    I ordered two magic sketches, deluxe for $29.95 each and two boogie boards. I am not happy with any of them and want to return for refund. However one boogie board was a gift so I only want to return one. Please let me know how I go about returning them. I was very disappointed with these products and mainly my two granddaughters were not impressed at all.

  2. I need a video that shows how you assemble the magic sketch. The kids will want to play with them immediately when they open them on Christmas!

    1. Della, our site streams TV commercials. We don’t make or sell Magic Sketch. We don’t have any additional videos. Hope the kids enjoy it!

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