Magic Pens

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Magic Pens

Magic Pens transform regular drawings into magical works of art. Imagine pens that can change colors or reveal a secret message. Magic pens can change color like magic or erase color right before your eyes. Just use your favorite color changing pen or color erasing pen, then follow up with the special activator pen to turn one color into another or erase the entire color like magic.

Watch the video to see how you can turn ordinary artwork into awesome works of art, shoot fireworks high into the sky, and make underwater scenes come alive right before your eyes. Magically change a princess dress from purple to hot pink. With the activator pen, you can color in reverse and make artwork that seemed impossible before the invention of Magic Pens.

Sending secret messages has never been this fun. To keep them super-secret, erase them when you’re done. And Magic Pens easily and neatly erase mistakes for perfect pictures every time. Combine both pens to make mind-blowing 3D effects that jump off the page.

Made with shock-proof tips, Magic Pens are non-toxic and easily erase off your skin. Each Magic Pen set comes complete with 9 eraser pens, 9 color changer pens, and 2 activator pens. As a super special bonus, you’ll also get 15 awesome stencils, plus the magic blow pen tool that allows you to use any Magic Pen to create amazing airbrush artwork in seconds.


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