Magic Mirror Anti-Fog Shield

Magic Mirror Anti-Fog Shield

Magic Mirror is the amazing anti-fog appliqué that turns any mirror into a Magic Mirror. Makes the steam that fogs up your bathroom mirror disappear like magic. When your mirrors fogs up, you wipe and wipe and still can’t see a thing. But fog can’t stick to Magic Mirror. You see clearly every time and you look your best all day.

Same technology used in pro racing helmets.

The secret is in Magic Mirror’s patented nanotechnology layer. Fog just can’t form, providing a clear view each time you use it. That’s why the same technology is used in pro racing helmets where clarity is critical.

Magic Mirror is crystal clear. Just line it up, stick it up, and turn any mirror into a Magic Mirror. Great for your home, while traveling, dorm rooms or apartments. Kids love it, too. No matter how steamy it gets, you won’t have to wipe and gripe.

Use it over and over again.

It’s easy to clean, and Magic Mirror will stay crystal clear for life, guaranteed. Uses no glue or adhesives, and leaves no sticky residue. It can be reapplied and used over and over.

Bonus Magic Shave Shower Mirror.

Order now and you’ll also receive the Magic Shave Shower Mirror as a free bonus (just pay shipping). Stays clear in the steamiest shower. You’ll also have the opportunity to upgrade to the Platinum Magic Mirror. Its luxury look blends into any decor.

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