Magic Mesh Screen Door is New and Improved

Magic Mesh is by far the most popular As Seen on TV product we’ve ever featured on our website. It’s a hands-free magnetic screen door with an open seam in the middle that you can walk right through. The powerful magnets on either side of the seam make Magic Mesh snap closed behind you. Over six million have been sold since it was introduced back in 2011.

Now, Magic Mesh is back, and it’s new and improved. The 18 magnets that keep it closed are 30% more powerful. The screen material has also been upgraded to be stronger and more durable, so you can use Magic Mesh year after year. Fits regular doors, sliding patio doors, even RVs. Perfect for entertaining, because you can walk right through while carrying heavy platters of food or full pitchers of beverages.

It’s a cinch to install Magic Mesh. No tools, nails or screws required. Just align the magnets, attach the adhesive strips, then affix to the door frame. Order Magic Mesh today and get a second one free when you pay separate postage and handling. Plus you’ll get a 100% free Mystery Gift. Learn more about New and Improved Magic Mesh at the official website.

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