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Magic Finder

Attach Magic Finder to easily misplaced belongings, and you’ll never lose them again. Magic Finder is the fast, easy way to find anything, anywhere using your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet and the free Magic Finder app. It uses the wireless Bluetooth technology already built-in to your phone or tablet.

The Magic Finder app shows you as you get closer. Attach it to your keys and never be late. Using Magic Finder is easy. Just keep it with the item you want to track.  Download the Magic Finder app and pair it with the Magic Finder device.

Magic Finder can find your lost items in 3 different ways–

  • Radar – track the distance to your lost item using the Smart Finder app.
  • Sound and Light – Magic Finder both blinks and rings to reveal your lost item’s location
  • 2 Way Tracking – sounds an alarm on your phone or tablet (even if it’s powered off) to help you find it in seconds.

Drop Magic Finder in your purse or pocketbook. Stick one on your laptop and be at ease if you need to leave it unattended. Attach it to the things you love and worry less. Works on any smartphone or tablet. Track up to 8 items at once. Can be used on multiple phones, so it’s great for families. Keep one in the car and find your car in any parking lot. The app shows you as you get closer.

Buy Magic Finder and use it with keys, wallets, purses, pets, remotes, laptops, cars, luggage and more. The possibilities are endless.


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