Lulla Pets

Lulla Pets Musical Cuddly Toys

Lulla Pets Musical Cuddly Toys

Meet the Lulla Pets! They’re super cute, cuddly friends With a fun hidden secret to share. Every Lulla Pet comes with a removable MP3 player and voice recorder right inside, so kids can record a special message or play their favorite songs.

Kids will love showing off their Lulla Pets to all their friends. They can fall fast asleep listening to their favorite lullaby. So soft and cuddly, kids love to squeeze them.  There are 10 Lulla Pets to choose from, including adorable bears, monkeys, bunnies, cats and dogs. A perfect gift for birthday, holidays or any special occasion.

You can drag your own songs and stories into one of 5 custom playlists. Holds up to 200 songs. As part of this special TV offers you also get a special remote control that lets you effortlessly navigate through all your playlists and recordings.

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