Lock Wallet

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Lock Wallet

Lock Wallet is a portable vault for your cash, cards and ID. It’s likely that you or someone you know has been a victim of credit card fraud. Now you can stop electronic pickpocketing from happening to you, with Lock Wallet. It’s lightweight, compact, and stores, secures and protects all your wallet’s contents from cyber theft. Most credit cards have RFID chips that broadcast a signal that can stolen up to ten feet away. But if your card is in a Lock Wallet, RFID scanners can’t read your personal information.

The secret is in Lock Wallet’s nano-thin RFID shield that puts an impenetrable barrier between your personal information and cyber thieves using RFID readers. Lock Wallet stores and organizes over 36 cards, cash, photos, IDs and more, with a stylish look perfect for men and women. The slim design fits perfectly in any pocket or purse, and there’s full zip-around protection to keep everything safe and secure.


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