Lock & Rollin Attic Flooring Starter Pack

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Lock & Rollin Attic Flooring Starter Pack

Lock & Rollin Flooring is the quick and easy way to turn wasted attic space into a convenient storage space. Why go through all the time, effort and hassle of measuring and cutting heavy plywood? Lock & Rollin’s lightweight slats are 32 inches long and fit precisely over your attic joists.

Just slide and lock them together to quickly make any length of Lock & Rolling flooring you need – no measuring or cutting required. The secret is the patented cam-locking hinge and patented ledge-to-ledge load-sharing technology to doubly strengthen each connection.

The slats roll up to make it easy to carry them up to your attic. Then you just roll them out, drop the screws in the self-aligned countersunk holes and screw them down. Now you’ve turned your attic into the extra storage space you’ve been looking for.

Lock & Rollin Flooring is durable and super-strong. It’s made of space age polymers and holds up to 250 pounds per square foot, while being 30 to 40% lighter than plywood. That makes it safer and easier to carry up to your attic. Better yet, you can install Lock & Rollin’ in one-third less time and labor than messy, splintery plywood. It resists mold, mildew and water, and it’s termite-proof. So you can rest assured your stuff will be well-protected.


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