Lobe Magic

Lobe Magic Earring Backing Gels

Lobe Magic Earring Backing Gels

Lobe Magic is the instant solution for heavy earrings and damaged lobes. Just press a Lobe Magic pad to the back of your earlobe, insert any of your fabulous earrings with posts or hooks, and create a beautiful fashion statement.

Lobe Magic supports the weight of heavy earrings, and makes your earlobes look great.

Lobe Magic relieves the pressure of heavy earrings, and makes the earring sit higher without sagging. Heavy earrings won’t pull, and are more comfortable to wear.

Lobe Magic is not an adhesive tape, but a hypo-allergenic silicone gel that won’t irritate sensitive skin or leave behind any sticky residue. Now you can dare to wear those those sexy hoops and stunning drops that make any outfit pop.

Beauty doesn’t have to hurt.

With Lobe Magic, get the style you want, without the strain. Lobe Magic is made in the USA, and guaranteed to make every earrings your wear your most comfortable pair.

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