Lizard Cam

Lizard Cam Micro-Camera

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Lizard Cam Micro-Camera

Lizard Cam is the amazing new micro-camera that goes anywhere you can’t see. Just turn it on, and the color screen displays the camera’s view. Then feed it wherever you want — a clogged dryer vent, for example. It easily gets into hard to reach places. The powerful LEDs illuminate the darkest areas behind your walls. Add the hook attachment and retrieve fallen jewelry that’s fallen down the sink, without ever needing a plumber.

100s of uses around the home.

Lizard Cam is even waterproof, perfect to remove hair and debris from clogged tubs and showers. Fix blocked toilets, just like the pros. Add the mirror attachment and search for critter hideouts behind the fridge. Or use magnetic power to grab loose nuts or bolts without any hassle.

Lizard Cam goes anywhere you can’t see.

The magic is powered by a micro camera with serpentine tubing that allows Lizard Cam to bend and curve into any space. Search for termite damage, inspect the fireplace, or find where those bugs are coming from once and for all. Lizard Cam performs hundreds of different jobs, and pays for itself the first time you use it.


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