Legendary Billy Mays Mentor Al Spino Dead at 78

Watching him in action in this video, you can see where Vince Offer gleaned much of his humor, if none of his bombast. Al Spino, the original pitchman for ShamWow, was a mentor not only to Offer, but also to the late, great Billy Mays and a slew of other industry big-mouths. On March 12, Spino, who was featured in the 1999 documentary Pitch People, left this world at the age of 78 to hawk As Seen on TV products in the great infomercial in the sky.

“Life’s a pitch!”

Fellow pitchman Andrew Sullivan posted this memorial on his Facebook page:

“Al Spino, my friend and one of the greatest pitchmen ever passed away today at 78 years of age! Al You are a legend, you will be missed, I love you! Thanks for all the one-liners and laughs. RIP my friend and go and find Billy and bally a tip! Life’s a pitch!”

6 thoughts on “Legendary Billy Mays Mentor Al Spino Dead at 78

  1. I am Al Spino’s sister (his only sibling) and I would like to know how I can get a copy of the video of him doing what he did best. It would be a wonderful keepsake for me. I also thank all the people that paid him tribute. He sure was “one of a kind”! Thank you very much.

      1. Thank you, Savvy Shopper. Do you know if my brother has much of a part in this video? Were you a friend of Al’s?

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