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Lazer Bond USA

Laser Bond USA is the  amazing liquid plastic that fixes, fills, fastens and seals virtually anything. Face it, things break all the time. You try messy glue, and now you’re stuck holding pieces together. Your fingers stick together, and the glue doesn’t hold. You need Lazer Bond, because it creates a permanent bond in as little as 3 seconds.

Not a super glue or epoxy. Lazer Bond is a unique liquid plastic that only hardens with a UV light. Just apply, aim the UV light, and in 3 seconds you have a repair that lasts. Plastic, metal, glass or wood — Lazer Bond fixes them all.

The secret is the powerful liquid plastic compound that hardens strong as a rock under ultra-violet light. Repair plumbing leaks, toys, eyeglasses, china and so much more — all in just 3 seconds.

The best part is that Lazer Bond is made in the USA, and guaranteed to hold tight or your money back. Since it only hardens with the UV light, you can reposition as much as necessary without worry. Watch the video to how a boat is cut in half, then repaired with Lazer Bond to be safe and watertight once more.


6 thoughts on “Lazer Bond USA

  1. Seems super shady. I don’t think I’ll ever get the opportunity of GLUING a BOAT that has been CUT IN HALF because that NEVER HAPPENS ok. This commercial STRESSES me out. Pls stop

  2. What is the turn-around time for placing an order to delivery? Many of the comments on your page complain about the fact that the product has been paid for but never received.

    1. Debi, you’d need to contact the seller to get that information. We already posted the customer service link in response to another comment.

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