Kangaroo Keeper Brite Lighted Purse Organizer – New Product Tuesday

Can the marketers behind Kangaroo Keeper Brite recreate the success of the original Kangaroo Keeper purse organizer by adding a light? There aren’t a lot of new ideas in the As Seen on TV world these days. Adding a new feature to a formerly successful product is what passes for innovation.

But sometimes that one new feature can make all the difference. You can find many purse organizers/liners/inserts on Amazon, but few if any have feature a LED light to illuminate the contents of your chock full of stuff handbag. Kangaroo Keeper Brite sweetens the deal by giving you both a medium and large size in both tan and black, for a total of four Kangaroo Keepers with your order.

With a place for everything, and everything in its place, Kangaroo Keeper is perfect for women on the go. Take it all with you, and find what you need in a flash. Reversible too, for even more storage space.

Do you remember the original Kangaroo Keeper? Do you buy one back then? Will you buy a set of Kangaroo Keeper Brite? Let us know. Here’s where to order.

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