Jewel Views Reading Glasses

Jewel Views Reading Glasses

Jewel Views are women’s reading glasses that are beautiful to wear. Jewel Views are disguised as a beautiful pendant necklace, but open up to reveal always-ready reading glasses. No one will know they’re readers, but everyone will notice your stunning pendant.

Jewel Views look fantastic with evening wear, and help you read the menu at dinner. Use while shopping to read price tags, ingredients and receipts without stopping to fish your reading glasses from your purse. Jewel Views are always with you, so you’ll never again waste valuable time looking for your reading glasses. And you’ll never look silly wearing your glasses on your head.

The lightweight, stylish design looks great with any outfit. Jewel Views are accented with fine faceted jewels on a luxurious 34″ chain. Finally, eyewear that’s beautiful to wear. Designed with stay-put nose pads so they won’t fall off your face. Available in a variety of strengths.

Buy 1 clear pair of Jewel Views and a get 1 black pair for a small separate fee. Visit the Clear View website for all the details. Never be without your readers again!

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