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After the debacle of the Obama administration’s rollout, independent healthcare marketplace eHealth has emerged as an easier alternative that actually works, and which quickly and easily lays out all your insurance plan options after you enter just your birth date and gender. The plans are identical in price and structure as those on the government site. has also provided a series of helpful videos that tackle pressing concerns of insurance consumers.
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Get Obamacare Faster and Easier with eHealth

Are you still uninsured? Time is running out to sign up for Obamacare health coverage and avoid costly tax penalties. Did you know that eHealth (, a trusted private health insurance website, provides a faster, easier alternative to clunky, problem-plagued That site, spurned by Repubs and Dems alike, has left so many of us with bald patches on our once brilliant domes after the aggravation of attempting to use it drained our last vestiges of quickly dwindling sanity. Now there’s help.

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