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InstaGONE Pro Multi-Purpose Stain Remover

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InstaGONE Pro Multi-Purpose Stain Remover

InstaGONE instantly cleans any stain without scrubbing. Moldy grout – gone in seconds. Spotted ceiling tiles – just spray it one and the stain is gone. Stained surfaces look like new again without scrubbing.

InstaGONE has a new, more powerful formula.

InstaGONE was invented fifteen years ago to clean surfaces that seemed impossible. Now, after four million satisfied customers, introducing InstaGONE Pro, an even more powerful formula that instantly dissolves virtually any stain with no scrubbing.

InstaGONE takes the work out of cleaning almost any stained surface. Just spray it on and the stain is gone, for vinyl siding that’s like new. You’d ruin a textured ceiling by scrubbing it, but InstaGONE Pro dissolves the stain in seconds. Grimy grout and tiles take forever to clean by hand. Now just give it a spray, and it’s just like new again. Amazing!

“All I did was spray. The mold and mildew stains were gone like that. It worked great.”

Penetrating action disintegrates stains on contact.

The secret is the penetrating action that works into the tiniest crevasses to disintegrate stains on contact. Now clean any surface stain hands-free in seconds. Stucco goes from water-stained to wonderful, instantly. And just a spray brings weathered wood decking and grimy patio furniture right back to life. InstaGONE is guaranteed to work on any hard-to-clean surface or your money back.


3 thoughts on “InstaGONE Pro Multi-Purpose Stain Remover

  1. It’s a scam! I ordered the 49 dollar pack. You get a plastic sprayer for the hose and a sprayer for simple projects. It’s leaves a soapy residue after you spray it on and I had to go back and wipe it off. Total bulls hit!. Never ever order it again. They have like 3 bucks into it and I fell for it! They should be ashamed of them selfves!

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