Insanity MAX:30 Workout

Insanity MAX:30 Workout

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Insanity MAX:30 Workout

The original Insanity workout made you dig deep. Now it’s time to MAX out with Insanity MAX:30. Shaun T is back! And he wants you to work. In this new 30 minute workout, your goal is to max out. Go as hard as you can for as long as you can. When you need a break, you’ve maxed out. Take a break, write down the time you maxed out, then get right back in and complete your workout. That’s how you achieve insane results.

“This is INSANITY MAX:30, baby! We ain’t playin’ today! I know that if you push to the max, you can get the body that you’ve always wanted.”
– Trainer Shaun T

A whole new way to work out.

Insanity MAX:30 has 150 new moves. Twelve killer cardio and hardcore strength workouts. No weights. No equipment. It’s all about using your mind and body to achieve results. And every move includes a low-impact modifier to help you keep going until you finally max out.

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The hardest 30 minutes of your day.

You’ll get the most insane results of your life in just 30 minutes. Max out every day and it will push you to limits you have never imagined. When you hit that 30 minute part, you’ll feel an incredible sense of accomplishment. After 60 days, you’ll be in the best shape of your life.


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