iRenew Bracelet – (iRe)new Product Tuesday

You may remember the iRenew Bracelet from back in 2010, when it was constantly advertised on TV. It was a hugely successful product, backed by vague claims of energy balancing. You may also remember the class action lawsuit and settlement over iRenew’s false advertising claims, resulting in some customers returning their bracelets for a full refund.

iRenew wants you to stop the skepticism.

iRenew is back, and doesn’t want you to focus on the litigious haters. No, as iRenew spokesperson Art Edmonds says in the new TV spot, “stop the skepticism and wear what works.” Still, we’re not sure is Art is proud of his association with iRenew, as he doesn’t mention it in the extensive list of accomplishments on his LinkedIn profile.

iRenew’s claimed benefits are now watered down. Wearing this cheap wristband infused with its patented Selective Frequency Resonance technology may promote strength, balance and endurance.  You can read the patent, if you’d like. Seems to be some sort of antenna. The new TV commercial is also missing the balance demonstration debunked by YouTube videos like this one.

Still want to buy iRenew?

If you’re the sort of consumer that believes this type of commercial pitch, skeptics will not deter you. So please use this link to buy iRenew so we’ll get a commission. You can’t say we didn’t try to inform you. At least there doesn’t seem to be anything harmful in wearing an antenna on your wrist, unless you’re EMF-phobic. Here’s where to order.

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