HydraLight Water Powered Flashlight

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HydraLight Water Powered Flashlight

Finally, a new breakthrough in flashlight technology. HydraLight is the first flashlight that runs on water, with no batteries and no charging. Just remove the revolutionary HydraCell fuel cell and immersive it in water. When water enters the fuel cell, it immediately begins to generate power. Insert the fuel cell back into the HydraLight and you have an impressive flashlight. It can run continuously up to 100 hours on a single water charge. Add more water and you can continue to use it for another 100 hours.

With its rubberized armor coating, HydraLight is rugged, durable and made to last. It can safely be used in even the worst weather conditions. But it’s more than just a flashlight. By extending the barrel, it becomes a hands free lantern to supply light to an entire area. Perfect for outdoor activities and can even hang inside your tent. Great for boating or for working on your car.

When your power goes out, you’ll be glad you have the HydraLight. It’s perfect for emergencies of all kinds. Other fuel cell devices can cost hundreds or thousands.


2 thoughts on “HydraLight Water Powered Flashlight

  1. what about if you are out in the woods and there is absolutely no possible way to get any water, could you PEE on the cell and it will work?

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