Hurricane Windshield Wizard

Hurricane Windshield Wizard

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Hurricane Windshield Wizard

Windshields are impossible to clean, making you stretch and strain. And a dirty windshield is downright dangerous. The Hurricane Windshield Wizard is the one tool that does the reaching and cleaning for you. It uses the power of microfiber with a pivoting head and ergonomically designed handle to make cleaning windshields quick and easy.

Cleans your windshield like a magic wand.

Fill the specially designed handle with plain tap water, and the built-in sprayer dispenses at the touch of a button. No need for glass cleaners, because the microfiber bonnet cleans streak-free using just water. So no matter where you need to reach, the Windshield Wizard cleans all your glass like a magic wand. Then it folds away for space saving storage.

Use it inside to clean windows, mirrors and more.

Bring the Windshield Wizard inside to clean windows, mirrors, and stainless steel appliances. Use it dry for dusting. The added reach is like an extra arm for hard to reach places. The microfiber bonnets are washable and reusable. Order Hurricane Windshield Wizard today and take advantage of the limited time Double Offer and Deluxe Offer.

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