Huggle Hoodie

Huggle Hoodie Oversized Reversible Hooded Sweatshirt

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Huggle Hoodie Oversized Reversible Hooded Sweatshirt

Huggle Hoodie is the all new oversized sweatshirt that keeps you cozy, warm and totally comfortable. That’s because we took the world’s softest and most luxurious blanket fabric, lined it with the ultimate in warming sherpa comfort, then transformed it in the world’s most comfortable oversized hooded sweatshirt. It’s reversible, so you can wear whichever way feels best for you.

Huggle keeps you comfortable no matter what you’re doing.

There’s a big roomy pocket to keep what you need right at hand. With Huggle, you’ll stay warm and toasty around the house, or cozy and comfy when you’re on the go. Perfect to Huggle up to your pet or your baby, and keep yourself totally comfortable no matter what you’re doing. Roomy enough to cover you from head to toe, and it’s the perfect for kids to stay cozy too. Just slip it on and the chill is gone.

The extra large hood keeps your head comfy and warm. Perfect for cold and drafty dorm rooms, or outside on a chilly night. Stay totally warm when camping or hunting. Ideal for tailgating parties, and keeping you toasty and cozy, even on ice cold bleachers.

Choice of 3 colors. TV Double Offer.

Machine washable, so it’s always cuddly and soft and looking like new. So whether you’re at home lying down, or taking a stroll around town, nothing beats the luxurious warmth, feel and comfort of the Huggle. Available in your choice of 3 colors. Get two Huggle Hoodies with this TV Special Double Offer.

$29.99 plus $9.99 P&H (Separate $9.99 fee for the 2nd unit)


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