Heat Surge Mini Glo

Heat Surge Mini Glo Electric Fireplace Heater

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Heat Surge Mini Glo Electric Fireplace Heater

Heat Surge Mini Glo Efficiency Plus is the world’s smallest Heat Surge electric fireplace heater. Bring instant heat to any room for just 14 cents per hour when used on its standard setting.

Everything you love about Heat Surge, in a miniature package.

This revolutionary heater is just one-tenth the size of the full-size Heat Surge fireplace. With its beautiful dark oak finish, your Mini Glo fireplace looks great in any room. It brings instant heat to any room while remaining cool to the touch.

You can use the Heat Surge Mini Glo with confidence because it’s inspected and approved by the respected Edison Testing Labs.

Reduce your heating bills.

Your Mini Glo can drastically reduce your heating bills through its remarkably small, but mighty micro-furnace and heat exchanger. It heats any room floor to ceiling, head to toe even when the home thermostat is turned way down. Your heater comes fully assembled and delivered straight to your door. Just plug it in and turn it on for instant heat.


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