HD Vision Special Ops

HD Vision Special Ops Sunglasses

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HD Vision Special Ops Sunglasses

These special optics give you the power to see all your surroundings. They’re HD Vision Special Ops. Ordinary sunglasses just make things darker, and in a tactical situation, that can be deadly. Inspired by the needs of our men and women in uniform, Special Ops lets you do things normal sunglasses just can’t do. You’ll see your surroundings in high definition, with color, contrast and clarity so sharp you’ll never want to be without them.

Get the tactical advantage of HD Vision.

HD Vision Special Op reduce glare without darkening your view. The same polycarbonate material used in military aircraft. A high performance design ideal for active lifestyles. Special Ops offer UV protection, are scratch resistant, and can survive the harshest conditions.


3 thoughts on “HD Vision Special Ops Sunglasses

  1. I ordered these HD Spec Op glasses expecting to be impressed : but what I received in cardboard plain boxes was two pair of glasses. One for day and one for night. check this they came from China, seem to becheaply made, and are not what I expected. I would like a refund!

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