HD Mirror Cam

HD Mirror Cam – Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

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HD Mirror Cam – Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

HD Mirror Cam is the incredible new dash cam built right into your rear view mirror. Its unique design instantly attaches in seconds and automatically records audio and video for everything that happens for as long as your trip lasts. Other window mount dash cams can obstruct your view or become detached and give you a ticket. But HD Mirror Cam’s built-in video screen won’t obstruct your view or detach, even during an accident.

HD Mirror Cam protects you by recording everything it sees, day and night.

There’s a screen off so that you can turn off the video screen and still keep recording. The adjustable swivel lens points in any direction, so you can turn it around to capture all those special moments inside the car. The 120º view wide angle lens captures crystal clear video and automatically adjusts from dark shadows to bright sunlight, so your video looks great even at night.

Premium features at an economy price.

You can review your video immediately right from the unit, or download it to your computer with the included flash drive to easily share and save. HD Mirror Cam comes loaded with high end features including motion detection, one-touch picture mode to instantly take a still photo at the press of a button, image stabilization, optional time and date stamp, and screen off mode (even while still recording). Plus, there’s anti-glare dimming and automatic startup upon ignition with the included car charger.

The built-in SD card slot allows for up to 14 hours of recording time, with the option to set the video for endless loop recording. HD Mirror Cam works in any car, and is so thin and discreet that no one will even know it’s there.


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