HD Clear Vison Antenna

HD Clear Vison Antenna

The HD Clear Vision Antenna is the way to eliminate your cable or satellite TV bill without losing your favorite channels. HD Clear Vision offers free over-the-air signals from major and even some foreign networks with no monthly fees.

Free HD Signals from all major networks.

A recent federal government mandate has forced all TV broadcasters to switch to a digital signal over the airwaves. So now you can watch 1080 HD programming absolutely free with this amazing digital antenna.

Simply plug HD Clear Vision into the back of your TV and scan to instantly start receiving top-rated movies, shows, sports, news and weather from major networks and more. Cable and satellites services can cost up to $1000 per year and require an annual contract. With HD Clear Vision, there are no annual contracts, no monthly fees, and no price hikes to worry about.

HD Clear Vision is better than cable or satellite.

Plus, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear picture and sound that’s better than cable or satellite, because broadcast stations don’t compress their signal. Enjoy uncompressed pure HD with HD Clear Vision. Its thin, low-profile design makes it easy to conceal behind curtains, artwork, furniture and more.

Buy one antenna and get one free.

HD Clear Vision is perfect for apartments, a must for RVs, dorm rooms and boats. Great for tailgating parties. You can pay $120 per year for an extra cable box. HD Clear Vision lets you watch TV in as many rooms as you want without paying any extra fees or running cable wires. Buy HD Clear Vision Antenna and get one free with this exclusive TV offer (just pay extra shipping).

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  1. I want to buy one of the antennas . You showed in the picture you stick it to the window. Next to your tab was eBay, I clicked on it and it showed a rotatery antennae. That’s not what I want is it?

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