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Shower Wow and Star Shower – New Product Tuesday

Star Shower and Shower WowIt’s been quite a while since we abandoned the regular feature we called New Product Tuesday, but we’re bringing it back today to highlight two newly added products: Shower Wow and Star Shower. With the word Shower in both product names, what is it these two products have in common? The common attribute has nothing to do with plumbing — it’s light. Continue reading

Magic Mesh Screen Door is New and Improved

Magic Mesh is by far the most popular As Seen on TV product we’ve ever featured on our website. It’s a hands-free magnetic screen door with an open seam in the middle that you can walk right through. The powerful magnets on either side of the seam make Magic Mesh snap closed behind you. Over six million have been sold since it was introduced back in 2011.

Now, Magic Mesh is back, and it’s new and improved. The 18 magnets that keep it closed are 30% more powerful. The screen material has also been upgraded to be stronger and more durable, so you can use Magic Mesh year after year. Fits regular doors, sliding patio doors, even RVs. Perfect for entertaining, because you can walk right through while carrying heavy platters of food or full pitchers of beverages. Continue reading

Side Socket Wall-Mounted Surge Protector with Rotating Sockets

Side SocketSide Socket is the most inventive and useful As Seen on TV product we’ve seen so far in 2013. Just when it seems that all possible household gadgets have already been invented, Allstar (who brought us the Snuggie) delivers with this wall-mounted surge protector with sockets that rotate to the side to reduce clutter and save space. Side Socket turns two outlets into six. That’s great, but you can pick up a wall adapter that does that at any hardware store. But Side Socket has two sets of three outlets that each rotate 9o degrees to the side. This means you can fully utilize all the electrical outlets in your home or office and still move furniture right up against the wall. With today’s plugged-in lifestyle, we have more and more devices that need to be plugged in or charged up. Keep all your electrical cords, plugs and power adapters neat, tidy and organized.

Seasonaire Heater and Air Purifier – New Product Tuesday

Seasonaire Heater from Montel WilliamsMontel Williams wants you to know that the Seasonaire Heater & Air Purification System is not an ordinary electric heater. The Seasonaire is a high-tech year-round air treatment system that doesn’t need to pretend it’s an old-fashioned fireplace by hiding under an Amish wood mantle.

We haven’t seen another portable zone heating system that also delivers pure, moist, triple-purified air all year long. Here are the six top features of the Seasonaire:

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Xhose Expandable Hose – New Product Tuesday

Xhose Product Test Fox NewsIt’s already August, so we may be a little late to the garden party by introducing the Xhose expandable garden hose as a new product. But we just added it to our site last week, and we wanted to share a review of the Xhose by Fox 4 News in Dallas/Fort Worth. Steve Noviello, the station’s lead reporter in charge of investigating As Seen on TV products, took the Xhose to a local garden nursery for a hands-on test watering the inventory. The Xhose was proven to be light, compact, expandable and kink-resistant. It did expand to over twice its original length, which is not quite as good as the claimed 3X expandability, but still pretty impressive. Watch the video below for the full review. Bonus points to the news team for playing Rick James as the lead-in music. Relevant word in the lyrics? Kinky.


Mighty Sealer – New Product Tuesday

Mighty Sealer flexible rubber sealant in a canToday’s new product dubs itself the “Original” Mighty Sealer, in an apparent attempt to make it seem more authentic than Flex Seal, the other As Seen on TV “rubber in a aerosol can” flexible sealant spray. I’ve had good results making repairs around the house with Flex Seal, but it’s just like the old Ford Model T — it comes in any color you want, as long as it’s black. Sure, you can paint over it, but that makes a simple job more complicated and time-consuming.

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Flex Seal Product Test: Can it Keep a Barrel from Bursting?

The sun is finally shining today here in Minnesota. It’s been unseasonably cool, cloudy and rainy for the last several days, and everything outdoors is wet and soggy. As you can see in the first photo below, our rain barrel was overflowing and threatening to burst at one of its seams. We recently received a can of Flex Seal to review, and sealing the seam seemed like a good test of this liquid rubber sealant in a spray can.

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New Product Tuesday with Glow Grip

Glow Grip glow-in-the-dark adhesive traction stripsThere is a commonly held belief among direct marketers that prevention doesn’t sell. Most DRTV industry professionals maintain a successful As Seen on TV product needs to solve a problem the consumer is already experiencing, not protect against a problem that might occur in the future.

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New Product Tuesday with EZ Moves

EZ Moves Furniture MoverYour Savvy Shopper’s better half was a mistress of feng shui long before she’d ever heard the term. Throughout our long and happy union, she’s constantly been rearranging the furniture in every room of our home, trying to find the arrangement that will satisfy her aesthetic requirements as well as align us in perfect balance with the universe. Up to now, I’ve been the reluctant assistant in this weekly activity.

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