Hang A Lot 6-in-1 Hanger

Hang A Bunch 6-in-1 Hanger

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Hang A Bunch 6-in-1 Hanger

Hang A Bunch is the new 6-in-1 hanger that solves the problem of slipping straps and reclaims your closet in seconds. Now you can hang several items on one hanger and find what you want in a flash. Combines 6 hangers in 1 for 600% more space. Transform your closet from crowded and cluttered to neat and organized.

The secret is the multiple stay-put  hooks that form the patented easy find configuration, locking every article of clothing securely in place, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Now you can organize your delicate lingerie or an entire selection of colorful tank tops. Hang A Bunch can keep your camisoles from looking wrinkled and worn, or find your favorite nightie in a flash. Never pick up an expensive dress from the floor again, because Hang A Bunch can hang them all securely. Hang A Bunch can hang up to 12 pounds of designer jeans, never breaking and never bending.

Hang A Bunch Hanger in Action
How Hang A Bunch Hanger works.

Stop fumbling with clip-style hangers. Order Hang A Bunch now!


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