Hamper Hoops Basketball Hoop and Hamper by Wham-O

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Hamper Hoops Basketball Hoop and Hamper by Wham-O

Hamper Hoops is the all-star basketball hoop and hamper by Wham-O. It has kids racing to pick up their dirty laundry off the floor, and turns a boring chore into tons of fun for everyone. Dirty clothes are off the floor and in the hamper. It’s a slam dunk. Jump shots, hook shots, trick shots – your kids will have so much fun they’ll forget they’re cleaning their room.

Hamper Hoops fits on any door, so let the games begin. Socks, shirts, shorts and more – they all make the score. Dirty laundry has never been this much fun. With Hamper Hoops, everyone’s a winner. When the hamper is full, move it from the net straight to the laundry room.

No more closet diving. Hamper Hoops means dirty clothes are off the floor and out of the way. Perfect for small bedrooms and dorm rooms. Remove the laundry bag and you now have a basketball hoop anywhere there’s a door. Hours of fun for the entire family. Turn cleanup and fun into one with Hamper Hoops.

When you order Hamper Hoops, you get the backboard with retractable hoop and the detachable hamper.


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