Hairology Volumizing Hair Fibers

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Hairology Volumizing Hair Fibers

Introducing Hairology — the new natural keratin hair fibers that instantly thicken your hair and conceal your scalp. Just point and pump, and the natural keratin fibers with oat proteins instantly fill and blend for naturally thicker, fuller, more youthful hair. Thousands of natural keratin fibers magnetically attract to your hair, thickening and completely concealing thinning hair and scalp.

With Hairology, you’ll get instant, natural looking coverage that lasts all day. It’s wind and humidity resistant, and stays there until you wash it out. The unique Smart Shades pick up your natural color and highlights for a perfect match. Just point and pump to instantly thicken your hair, conceal your scalp, and cover your roots in seconds. Guaranteed or your money back.


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