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SciMark Report: A DRTV Weekly Roundup

Every week, product prognosticator Jordan Pine of SciMark Corp. posts his predictions for how new products will do in the marketplace.

So how does this seasoned Caesar of direct-response TV products see the latest batch of As Seen on TV contenders?

In his latest Weekly Roundup, Pine gives a thumbs up or thumbs down to five products that you may or may not see on store shelves in the coming months, depending on how they test. Continue reading

Hot Huez Hair Chalk – Chalk for Your Hair, Not the Sidewalk

Hot Huez Hair ChalkHot Huez is temporary hair color made from colored chalk. We all used chalk as kids for drawing pictures and hopscotch patterns on the sidewalk. If you’re old enough, you remember chalkboards in school. But who came up with the idea of putting chalk in your hair? We had never heard of it before, but a quick search finds lots of hair chalk for sale at It really is a quick and easy way to add to colorful highlights to your hair without sprays or dyes. And Hot Huez is no more permanent than a temporary tattoo. A quick shampoo is all it takes to wash it away.

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New Product Tuesday with Snap-On Feathers

Snap-On FeathersI’m not into feather hair extensions. The last time I had feathers in my hair, it was because I slept on a ripped pillowcase. Incredibly, it’s possible the root of this hair fashion trend is sexy senior citizen world’s oldest androgynous teenager Steven Tyler. The Aerosmith frontman often sported a feather in his hair while judging the past season of American Idol. So dude looks like a crazy bird lady on national TV, and suddenly hair salons all over the country are charging big bucks to weave feathers into your hair. But just like perms and hair color, women and girls of modest means want a cheaper way to do it at home.

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New Product Tuesday with GLH Spray On Hair in a Can

GLH Spray On Hair in a Can Before and After PhotosOK, GLH Formula is definitely not new. But it is new to our site. While no longer advertised on TV, we just learned this historic product is still available for purchase. Invented by As Seen on TV pioneer Ron Popeil, GLH is short for Great Looking Hair, and it’s a spray-on powder that clings to and thickens hair, covering bald spots for men and hiding thinning hair in women. The GLH Finishing Shield and GLH Shampoo complete the system.

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New Product Tuesday with Slique Hair Threading System

Slique Threading Hair Removal SystemThreading is an ancient hair removal method practiced for centuries in countries like Egypt and India, and now popular in the U.S and Canada. A cotton thread is used to remove hair in a twisting motion. Threading doesn’t require any chemicals, waxes or electricity. Unlike waxing, it only removes the hair, not the top layer of your skin. It’s quick, because it removes an entire row of hair at a time, and it lasts up to six weeks. But threading is a difficult technique to learn, so it’s been strictly a spa or salon treatment. But not anymore.

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