Groom Glider

Groom Glider

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Groom Glider

Groom Glider is the gentle new pet brush that combines 3 different grooming tools in 1, to detangle, de-shed and bathe your pet. The long bristles and easy grip handle gently glide through fur, removing knots while grabbing loose fur for a deeper clean and shinier coat.

The best pet brush you’ll ever buy.

The secret is the flexible silicone fingers that gently grab hair and dander from deep within the undercoat for pain free grooming. Then just flip, add shampoo into the honeycomb ridges and massage for a luxurious bath your pet will love. The silicone tips massage out knots while attracting fur like a magnet for less shedding, guaranteed. Many pet owners say it’s the best brush they’ve ever used.

TV Double Offer. Free Pedi Groom.

Pet fur gets everywhere — on your clothes and around the house. But Groom Glider is gentle enough for furniture and clothing too. It’s mold and mildew resistant and rinses clean in seconds. Check out the Groom Glider TV Double Offer including free Pedi Groom to safely and gentle trim your pet’s nails. 100% knot-free guarantee.

$14.99 plus $6.99 P&H (plus separate $6.99 P&H for 2nd brush)


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