Grassology Low-Maintenance Grass Seed

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Grassology Low-Maintenance Grass Seed

Grassology™ is a scientific breakthrough in grass seed technology that gives great green grass all year long with less mowing and practically no watering.  Just sprinkle Grassology on your existing lawn. Once established, you get a glorious green lawn that’s virtually maintenance-free. Endorsed by home expert Bob Vila.

Patent-pending Grassology, The Science of Grass™, is the original low-maintenance grass seed blend developed by the makers of Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed and featured on news stations everywhere.

Grassology before and after photos

Roots grow 4X deeper to grab water and nutrients.

Unlike regular grass  that requires fertilizer and constant watering, Grassology’s roots grow four times deeper to reach underground water and nutrients. And Grassology slowly reaches a dwarf height, so there’s lots less mowing, guaranteed.

If you’ve got bare patches, bald spots or brown spots caused by pets, use Grassology. It naturally fights disease, insects and weeds. You’ll have a lawn that looks like a fairway. Grassology saves time and money, with no more high watering bills, no more weekly mowing, no more ongoing fertilizing and no more constant weeding.


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