Grab Bag Reusable Shopping Bags

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Grab Bag Reusable Shopping Bags

Introducing Grab Bag, the reusable shopping bag that clips to your shopping cart, and won’t spill over in your trunk. You’ll start loving your Grab Bag the minute you reach the checkout aisle. Because it grabs on to your cart and stays open, you can easily fill it after items are scanned. Then when you get to your car, it simply lifts out and goes right in your trunk. And it gets even better.

Grab Bags have a broad base and a securing flap so they sit up nicely in the back of your car and won’t spill all over while you’re driving home. Plus, they expand to hold several times what a regular shopping bag will hold. Imagine being able to grab and go in a single trip.

Ever have something heavy rip right out of a plastic bag and smash on the ground? Not with the Grab Bag. Not even a heavy dumbbell is a match for its super sturdy construction, and that’s a lot more weight than most people will ever need to carry.

Grab Bags are made of earth-friendly material that’s mold and mildew resistant. Easily wipe clean with just a damp cloth. They fold flat when not in use, and store easily in your kitchen or car. Plus, there’s a generous front pocket for storing your wallet, coupons, or even your cell phone. Take Grab Bag to the laundromat, and on picnics and trips to the beach.


11 thoughts on “Grab Bag Reusable Shopping Bags

  1. I ordered 2 green grocery bags and 2 of the insulated grocery bags. I ordered them off a facebook advertisement. I really love them. Do not have to worry about plastic bags falling apart. One of my Green bags is coming apart at the seam. I do not have any invoices or anything. Is there anything you can do about this?
    Thank you BEV-KNIGHT @ATT.NET

    1. Just want to remind everyone that this website just streams TV commercials. We do not sell this product. We’ve already posted the Grab Bags customer service address within this comments section. Please don’t post your personal information in the public comments section. Thanks!

      1. Good questions, but if you read the other comments you’ll learn that we’re not the seller and can’t answer them. Plus, you’ll find a link to Grab Bags customer service.

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