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TV’s ‘Graveyard Slot’ to Rake In $250B by 2015

Perfect PollyProducts like the UroClub, the nine-iron golf club you can pee in, could only be advertised during what TV programmers call the “graveyard slot.” But wacky products like this—along with its cousins, like the Snap’n Pump sandwich-bag sealer and the Perfect Polly electronic parakeet—earned $170 billion in sales in 2009, reports And that number could grow to a quarter of a trillion dollars by 2015.


New Product Tuesday with Pro Touch Wedge

Pro Touch Wedge Golf ClubsYour Savvy Shopper is not a golfer, but those who frequent the links seem pretty excited about the Pro Touch Wedge, a new specialty golf club. It claims to the best choice for all shots under 100 yards, especially for tough lies like the rough or the bunker. This club’s unique feature is its Sole Channel Technology, deep grooves in the club head designed to guide your ball toward the target so you don’t need to change your swing or stance when taking tough shots. I learned this and much more while watching the 28 minute and 29 second Pro Touch Wedge infomercial, which was possibly even more sleep-inducing to this non-golfer than watching the PGA Tour on TV. If you’re a golfer, however, anything that can reduce your handicap is a potential life-changing experience. Watch it yourself below.

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New Product Tuesday with The Floppy

The Floppy Indoor Practice Golf Ball
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Many golfers are real fanatics. If they can’t play, they want to hit balls at the range. Inside at the home or office, you’ll find them putting wherever there’s carpeting. Thanks to The Floppy Indoor Practice Golf Ball, golfers will now annoy us even more by bringing the whole bag of clubs indoors. The Floppy is designed to provide the feel of hitting a real ball without fear of shattering windows, glassware, fine china or marriages. Golf nuts will be swinging at The Floppy every free moment, ignoring chores, personal hygiene and human interaction. Perfect gift for any golfer.