Ghostbuster Harold Ramis: Egon Away

Ghostbusters star and cowriter Harold Ramis, who passed away Feb. 24 at the age of 69, leaves behind a treasure trove of comedy gold, starting with his turn on Canadian sketch show SCTV in the mid-1970s. He went on to write and direct several cult classics, and appeared in a few, including as Egon Spengler in the two Ghostbusters movies alongside pal and long-time collaborator Bill Murray.

Of course, Ramis’s passing likely closes the chapter on the long-in-development Ghostbusters 3, which is probably for the best. In the 2009 interview below, Ramis talks about working on the third installment. (You can buy the Ghostbusters Double Feature Gift Set at Amazon for less than $14.)

The cult of Harold Ramis

Animal House

Ramis’s first feature breakout was as a writer on the cult classic National Lampoon’s Animal House. Download a digital copy for just 10 bucks or rent it for $3 at Amazon.

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Then came the eminently quotable Caddyshack, which Ramis wrote and directed. Buy the DVD at Amazon for just 5 bucks, or Blu-ray for less than $8.


Ramis and Murray teamed up again for 1981’s Stripes, which Ramis cowrote. In the clip below, the best buds sign their lives away. Relive it for just $10 on DVD here.


Perhaps his most widely loved film is National Lampoon’s Vacation, which he also wrote and directed. Get it on DVD for just $5 here.

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day has got to be the writer-director’s Citizen Kane. It’s another very quotable turn for star Bill Murray, and it can be yours for $8 at Amazon.

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