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Premier Shade Trees – New Product Tuesday

Why not beautify your yard with beautiful shade trees? Renowned American poet Joyce Kilmer famously penned, “I think that I shall never see / A poem lovely as a tree, ” and you can’t plant poems in your yard anyway.

This As Seen on TV Shade Tree offer gets you four different hardy trees that will grow almost anywhere you live in these United States: Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Pin Oak and Tulip Poplar. Continue reading

New Product Tuesday: Mow Less With Grassology

For this New Product Tuesday, we give you Grassology, a scientific breakthrough that grows green grass all year round that requires less mowing and watering. Just sprinkle these seeds on your existing lawn to grow a lush, virtually maintenance-free lawn.

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Paradise Tulips – New Product Tuesday

Paradise Tulips - tulip bulbs As Seen on TVIt’s common to see dozens of As Seen on TV gardening offers in the spring. In the fall, not so much. So we were surprised and pleased to see today’s new offer. Paradise Tulips are specially bred tulip bulbs that will thrive in almost any area of the country. Tulips are a good example of delayed gratification. So simple to grow. You plant tulip bulbs in the fall and patiently let them hibernate in the frozen ground all winter, secure in the knowledge that colorful tulips will spring from the soil at the first sign of spring, year after year.

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Xhose Expandable Hose – New Product Tuesday

Xhose Product Test Fox NewsIt’s already August, so we may be a little late to the garden party by introducing the Xhose expandable garden hose as a new product. But we just added it to our site last week, and we wanted to share a review of the Xhose by Fox 4 News in Dallas/Fort Worth. Steve Noviello, the station’s lead reporter in charge of investigating As Seen on TV products, took the Xhose to a local garden nursery for a hands-on test watering the inventory. The Xhose was proven to be light, compact, expandable and kink-resistant. It did expand to over twice its original length, which is not quite as good as the claimed 3X expandability, but still pretty impressive. Watch the video below for the full review. Bonus points to the news team for playing Rick James as the lead-in music. Relevant word in the lyrics? Kinky.


New Product Tuesday with My Lavender Garden

Hardy English Lavender Plants As Seen on TVLavender isn’t just a color. In case you didn’t know, lavender is a hardy perennial plant that blooms all summer and returns year after year. We’ve been growing lavender is our garden for years, and we get many admiring comments from passersby about the beautiful and fragrant flowers that blossom from each plant’s bushy silver-green foliage.

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New Product Tuesday with Tomato Factory Planter

Tomato Factory PlanterGrowing tomatoes upside down is so 2007. This season brings the Tomato Factory, a new tomato planter promising to grow bushels of tomatoes with little space or effort required.  In the Tomato Factory, plants grow right side up like Mother Nature intended. And if the illustration at right is accurate, each plant is completely identical!

As Seen On TV and Growing in My Garden

As Seen On TV and in My GardenOkay, we’re hardy souls up here in Frostbite Falls, but I’m getting pretty darn sick of winter. The gardening catalogs are arriving daily, and commercials for Giant Blueberries and Indoor Banana Trees are tempting me with the promise of something fresh to put on my morning cereal. And I’m dreaming of delicious, colorful salads with Rainbow Bell Peppers picked fresh from my patio garden. But this year, I’m going to consider more than just my own stomach – the birds and bees get hungry, too. If I plant the Amazing Hummingbird Vine on the backyard fence, will the nectar really draw hummingbirds by the dozen? I guess I could risk it, since the yellow and orange flowers are gorgeous all on their own. Butterflies are attracted to Hearty English Lavender and ants dislike the smell of it – perfect for organic ant control! Who knows, maybe I’ll even plant a couple of Royal Empress Trees close enough to string up my hammock, so I can laze about, eating bowls of just-picked cherries from my Flowering Cherry Hedge… I am SO ready for Spring.

New Product Tuesday with Indoor Banana Tree

Indoor Banana Tree PlantIt’s a tempting idea. Grow your own banana tree indoors and it will produce “hands” of delicious fresh tropical bananas. I was skeptical, but I searched the web and bananas really can be grown indoors. One plant can produce dozens of potassium-rich bananas that are far superior in taste to the artificially-ripened supermarket variety.

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