Futzuki Reflexology Foot Mat

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Futzuki Reflexology Foot Mat

Futzuki is the foot pain relieving reflexology mat that once you step on, the pain is gone. Combines the ancient art of reflexology with innovative healing design to create the world’s best relieving foot care breakthrough. Futzuki helps to temporarily relieve the pain of foot tingling, aching heels, arches and plantar fasciitis.

2,800 reflexology points send pain-relieving signals to your brain.

As soon as you step on Futzuki, you’ll begin to feel the over 2,800 reflexology points start to massage the heels, arches, pads and toes of your feet, sending pain relieving signals to your brain that bring quick relief.

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4 thoughts on “Futzuki Reflexology Foot Mat

  1. Why am I being charged a 2nd time on 1-5-17 for the Futzuki foot pad? I was originally charged for this on 12-20-16. I expect this 1-4-17 charge to be removed from my account asap. I also expect a reply as to why this happenned.

    1. well that is not the answer I was expecting. This is your product, you should be aware of how it is being sold……. Why should I buy this product if the price is not what it says it is. . . . And you know what they say about word of mouth. You just lost a lot of business to a senior citizens in this towns senior center.

      1. What are you talking about? Who are you talking to? You’re commenting on a website that streams TV commercials. We don’t make or sell ANY products. The company that makes and sells this product is not reading your comment if you post it here. If you have a complaint about this product, use the customer service link we provided. Have a great day.

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