Furniture Feet

Furniture Feet

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Furniture Feet

Your chairs scuff, scratch and scar your floors causing expensive damage. Ordinary felt pads fall off and wear out, and in no time you’ve got scratches all over your floor. But not any more. Introducing Furniture Feet, the amazing furniture boots that slip on the legs of virtually any stool, table leg or chair so it can slide across the floor. Furniture feet ends the floor scratching nightmare.

Just push, slide and glide. It’s that easy. The Furniture Feet secret is the super strong wool-blended fibers that are bonded together to create a durable permanent carpet pad that will keep your floors scratch proof. And Furniture Feet last five times longer than ordinary felt pads.

No sticky tape, nails or glue to use. Furniture Feet are made from durable poly-vinyl that stretches like elastic to slip easily on any chair leg and won’t fall off.  Round legs, square legs, fat legs, skinny legs, metal or wood — Furniture Feet fits them all. Makes your chair whisper quiet as they glide across the floor, eliminating annoying chair shriek. Also protects chair legs from scruffs and scratches.


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