Fresh Sticks

Fresh Sticks Air Freshener Deodorizer

Fresh Sticks Air Freshener Deodorizer

Wouldn’t it be nice to be 100% confident that your home is odor-free? Whether it was the fish you cooked the night before, the dirty diaper pail, overflowing ashtrays, the garbage that didn’t get taken out, that nasty litter box – Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks will neutralize odors around your home for up to two years.

Destroys bad odors while releasing a soothing scent.

Fresh Sticks is unlike products you may have used in the past, including oils, sprays or plug-ins. This new technology doesn’t mask bad smells. It neutralizes and eliminates odors while releasing a soothing, subtle fragrance. Choose from Golden Vanilla, Cool Linen or Apple Cinnamon.

Fresh Sticks eliminate odors for up to two years.

The best part is that Fresh Sticks work for up to two years, eliminating tough odors and keeping your home smelling fresh. Fresh Sticks have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, and will save you money and make your life easier.

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