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Fresh Feet — Foot Scrubber for Shower and Bath

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Fresh Feet — Foot Scrubber for Shower and Bath

Introducing Fresh Feet, the fastest, easiest way to scrub your feet clean in the shower. No more bending, straining or struggling with awkward brushes. Just attach the powerful suction cups to your shower’s floor and start scrubbing. The secret is an incredible 11,000 bristles combined with an all-natural pumice stone. They work together to clean, refresh and revitalize your feet in just seconds.

Clean, beautiful feet in just seconds.

The center brushes will gently scrub and massage your feet, while the stronger bristles on the outside power away stubborn dirt and dry skin, leaving your feet soft and clean. Fresh Feet even has a pumice stone to exfoliate your skin and treat cracked feet or painful corns. Now your feet can go from cracked and scaly to healthy and beautiful again.

Antimicrobial so it stays clean and fresh.

Fresh Feet is infused with antimicrobial agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, so it’s always clean, fresh, and ready for your feet. And the thick bristles even make it easy to clean between your toes. The contoured design will cradle your feet in comfort like a spa treatment right in your own shower.

Bonus tidy tether rope. TV Double Offer.

It’s ideal for people with diabetes, arthritis, athlete’s foot, and pregnant women. Works great in any bathtub or shower. Stop stumbling and straining just to clean your feet. Comes with a bonus tidy tether rope. Order Fresh Feet today.


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