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The Apple ‘1984’ Super Bowl Ad That Almost Wasn’t

That classic Orwellian ad by Apple that made Super Bowl commercials as popular as the game itself was actually reviled by the company’s execs, who attempted to yank ‘1984’ before it aired.

“We showed them a rough draft, and they thought we were insane.”

This year’s Super Bowl XLVIII marks the 30th anniversary of this iconic spot, and of the Macintosh computer it touted as a hip alternative to IBM’s products. If it hadn’t been for Steve Jobs’s love of the commercial—and some ad execs who didn’t follow orders from the top—Super Bowl XVIII viewers’ jaws wouldn’t have dropped as the muscled blonde athlete ran through director Ridley Scott’s dystopian vision wielding her mighty hammer of freedom from the mundane.

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Video: ‘Full House’ Bros Reunite for Super Bowl Ad

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While you probably shouldn’t hold your breath for a proper Full House reunion, fans of the dopey 1980s famcom are in for a treat. John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier are featured in a teaser for an upcoming Super Bowl ad for Dannon’s Oikos Greek Yogurt.

When Saget suggests it’s time for the trio to get their own houses, the other two roundly dismiss the idea. doubts that any characters beyond the “Uncle Jesse/Danny/Joey trifecta” will make an appearance in the full Super Bowl version, but opines: “Maybe the gang invited Scott Weinger, a.k.a. Steve, over for game day! Maybe they’ll realize that the sportscaster they’re watching looks an awful lot like Lori Loughlin! Maybe their party gets crashed by an all-grown-up Andrea Barber, better known as Kimmy Gibbler! And given Oikos’s ‘Greek’ origins, a beyond-the-grave visit from Papouli’s ghost would be more than appropriate.”

There’s actually a website with behind-the-scenes material from the filming of this heartwarming nostalgia trip. If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out Warner Home Video’s definitive Full House: The Complete Series Collection.

Axe Body Spray’s World-Peace Super Bowl Ad

“Make love, not war.”

For its brilliant and even heartwarming Super Bowl XLVIII ad, Axe body spray brings back that crusty but enduring 1960s chestnut: “Make love, not war.”

Axe, known for targeting hormone-crazy teens and twentysomethings with commercials showing how a spritzing of the body spray magically causes gorgeous women to throw themselves at young men, has taken a radically different tact for its 2014 Super Bowl spot.

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Preview Super Bowl Commercials on YouTube

This year, YouTube is giving the public a preview of full commercials set to air during Super Bowl XLVIII. It has not disclosed when all the commercials will be viewable on its Ad Blitz page, but there’s plenty to see there now. Currently, the page hosts a wealth of Super Bowl content, including ad teasers and Fox Sports analysis. The site also plans to offer custom content from YouTube stars, and to give viewers the chance to vote for their favorite ads after the big game.

Pie Chart: NFL’s 11 Minutes of Gameplay

nfl 11 minutes gameplay
The ball’s in play for just 11 minutes per game!

In case you missed it, a couple of years ago the Wall Street Journal performed a study of televised NFL games that yielded surprising results. It found that the ball is in play for only 11 minutes on average per game. The rest of the broadcast is taken up by crowd shots, commercials, replays and other nonplay content. recently broke down the Journal’s results into this nifty pie chart.

The site likens the pie chart to a pizza, with game action representing just half a slice, and concludes: “Apparently football is not like pizza, because if someone brought you a tasty pie every Sunday but you couldn’t even eat half a slice, I think you’d tell that person to f**k off.”

Be a Judge for ‘USA Today’ Super Bowl Ad Meter

Super Bowl trophyThere are just 19 days before the big game, and USA Today is counting down the seconds till kickoff. The paper is also inviting ball fans to judge this year’s crop of big-budget ads for its annual Super Bowl Ad Meter: “Odds are you’ll have some strong opinions on what exactly the best (and worst) commercials of the night are, and if you do, you can have your voice heard by registering as a panelist for USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter, the foremost tracker of public opinion on Super Bowl ads. Interested?”

If you are, visit USA Today to register.

Study: 4 in 5 Super Bowl Ads Don’t Work

Super Bowl adsThe vast majority of Super Bowl ads don’t bring sales for companies shelling out the big bucks to get them in front of millions of eyes every year, suggests a new study.

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