Foot Angel Compression Foot Sleeve

Foot Angel Compression Foot Sleeve

Foot Angel is the anti-fatigue compression foot sleeve that offers all-day relief for achy heels and feet, with seven targeted zones of compression. Foot Angel combats symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Wear it barefoot or under socks for instant support that lasts all day.

Everyday activity can cause sore, throbbing feet and swelling. But Foot Angel’s heavenly 7-zone design provides targeted compression to the ball, arch, plantar fascia, heel and ankle for soothing relief.

Foot Angel helps support your feet, stimulates circulation, and reduces swelling. Wear discreetly under socks or hosiery, and with any shoes, sneakers or boots. Even sleep with Foot Angel and step out of bed with ease. Wear for long-distance travel to increase circulation and reduce swelling. And it’s machine washable.

Get Foot Angel and enjoy a soothing, energizing foot massage from the tips of your toes to the heels of your feet.

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