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Does Exercise Make You Eat More?

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Good news for those worried that your New Year’s workout regimen will make you want to devour everything in the fridge. Exercise does not appear to up the calories that exercisers consume, according to a new study reported on

“It is commonly believed that individuals increase energy intake in response to physical activity or exercise training,” concludes the study’s team, from the University of Kansas Medical Center. “However, overall we found no consistent, compelling evidence that any level of increased physical activity or exercise has any impact on energy intake.”

That means exercisers don’t tend to eat more to compensate for the increased activity. So if you are chowing down way more than you did before you began your regimen, it may not be your body telling you to eat more. It could be your brain telling you it’s OK to eat more now that you’re moving around more.

This just highlights the fact that any fitness regimen should include both physical activity and some type of food plan.

Video: ‘Full House’ Bros Reunite for Super Bowl Ad

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While you probably shouldn’t hold your breath for a proper Full House reunion, fans of the dopey 1980s famcom are in for a treat. John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier are featured in a teaser for an upcoming Super Bowl ad for Dannon’s Oikos Greek Yogurt.

When Saget suggests it’s time for the trio to get their own houses, the other two roundly dismiss the idea. doubts that any characters beyond the “Uncle Jesse/Danny/Joey trifecta” will make an appearance in the full Super Bowl version, but opines: “Maybe the gang invited Scott Weinger, a.k.a. Steve, over for game day! Maybe they’ll realize that the sportscaster they’re watching looks an awful lot like Lori Loughlin! Maybe their party gets crashed by an all-grown-up Andrea Barber, better known as Kimmy Gibbler! And given Oikos’s ‘Greek’ origins, a beyond-the-grave visit from Papouli’s ghost would be more than appropriate.”

There’s actually a website with behind-the-scenes material from the filming of this heartwarming nostalgia trip. If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out Warner Home Video’s definitive Full House: The Complete Series Collection.

Kitchen Magic: Peel a Head of Garlic in Seconds!

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Here’s a simple garlic-peeling trick that requires no fancy tools. All you need is a couple of bowls and 10 seconds.

And when you’re finished doing that, it’s time to bring out the fancy tools. Of course you’ve got your standard garlic presses, like the OXO Steel and the Progressive International. For a slight change of pace, try the Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher or the Chef’n Garlic Zoom Rolling Garlic Chopper.

If the above peeling method is too easy and you prefer using a snazzy gadget, check out the Ultimate Garlic Peeler or the Joseph Joseph 3-in-1 Design Rotary Peeler.

Ice Cream Magic Ice Cream Maker Shaker

Ice Cream Magic Ice Cream Maker Shaker

School’s out, and the kids are home – bored and hungry. Everybody wants to go out for ice cream, but those trips to the DQ get pretty expensive. Why not stay home and get the kids invested in making their own treats with the Ice Cream Magic Ice Cream Maker Shaker? Any kid old enough to hold a shaker cone can make delicious homemade ice cream in just 3 minutes, in their favorite flavor. Use low-fat, sugar-free natural ingredients and keep that cold treat healthy. Makes a perfect party activity, too – everyone loves to make their own custom-flavored ice cream. Just shake it to make it! Comes with shaker cones, spoons and recipe book.

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Recipes for Filling Tortilla Bowls Baked with The Perfect Tortilla Pan

If you read my earlier post about the Perfect Tortilla Pan, you might be wondering how we like using this product and what fillings we’ve been putting in baked tortilla bowls. Actually, I can’t take credit, because it’s been my wife whipping up these quick and healthy bowl-centric vegetarian summer meals. She used whole-wheat tortillas, but you can substitute regular wheat or even gluten-free. The tortillas come out toasty and crisp every time, without any oil or fat.

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Perfect Tortilla Pan – New Product Tuesday

Perfect Tortilla Pan As Seen on TVI’m a lucky guy. My wife is a great cook who loves preparing healthy and delicious meals. I hope she’s not reading this, but there are a couple of basic foods she’s always had trouble preparing with consistent results. One is rice. We fixed that with the purchase of a wonderful rice cooker. The next is crispy fried tortillas. They usually come out chewy and soggy instead of crispy and flaky. And of course, frying in oil is not a healthy way to prepare food.

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New Product Tuesday with Mr. Lid

Mr. Lid Plastic Food Containers with Built-in LidsA friend of mine recently mentioned she’d seen Mr. Lid on TV. At first I thought she meant the 1972 movie with Kris Kristofferson and Gene Hackman, but it turns out I misremembered the title of that film. My friend went on to explain that Mr. Lid is a new food storage system where all the containers have attached lids. Mr. Lid Food Storage Containers are stackable, microwave-safe, and the leakproof and stay-closed properties of the vacuum seal lids are demonstrated in the commercial by both shaking and dropping. Personally, I’d have enjoyed seeing a Billy Mays-style “wow” demonstration involving a brave juggling clown and several Mr. Lid containers filled with hot soup or coffee.

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New Product Tuesday with Yoshiblue Diamondware Skillet

Yoshiblue Diamondware SkilletYou may have heard Paul Simon sing about the woman with Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes, but what about diamonds on the non-stick coating of her frying pan? That’s the hook of the new Yoshiblue Diamondware Skillet. Building on the success of the YoshiBlade ceramic knife, Yoshiblue takes the ceramic, mixes it up with a girl’s best friend and deposits it on the cooking surface of the pan.

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New Product Tuesday with Eggies

Some believe that eggs are nature’s perfect food, although the Mayo Clinic recommends you limit your eggy intake due to their high cholesterol content. Hard boiling is one of the easiest ways to prepare this nutritious and delicious protein source, and it’s so easy that even kids can easily learn how to heat water in a pan and boil up a batch. But the makers of Eggies believe they have a better method. Ditch Mother Nature’s container and boil your egg in an Eggies plastic shell. There’s no more messy peeling, and you get flat-bottomed uniformly shaped hard-boiled eggs that stand up on their own. Too bad Eggies don’t come in colors, or they’d be perfect for Easter. Here’s where to buy.

Eggies System official website