Flippin' Fantastic

Flippin’ Fantastic Pancake Maker

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Flippin’ Fantastic Pancake Maker

Introducing a fast, easy and fun way to make perfect pancakes, as good as your grandma’s. Place Flippin’ Fantastic in a pan, then pour in the batter and let it brown. Then lift and flip to cook the other side. In no time, they finish to a golden brown. Serve them to your family and watch them disappear like magic!

Anyone can make great Pancakes with Flippin’ Fantastic.

The secret is the non-stick silicone ring. One side holds the batter to the perfect shape for even cooking. The flat bottom has handles for easy flipping. Add chocolate chips or blueberries right into the batter. Serve with a sprinkle of powdered sugar or your favorite fresh fruit.

Make eggs and hash browns for a complete breakfast.

Flippin’ Fantastic is awesome with eggs. Crack them right into the ring and cook them sunny side up or flip them over for over easy. Make fast flippin’ breakfast sandwiches in a snap. Scramble things up for incredible quiche. Frozen string potatoes become hot and crispy hash browns. Made of stovetop safe silicone so it won’t burn or damage your pan, while the easy flip grips keep hands safely away from the heat. Dishwasher safe.


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