Flexzilla – Lightweight, Flexible and Durable Garden Hose

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Flexzilla – Lightweight, Flexible and Durable Garden Hose

Flexzilla is the 100% kink-free hose that’s quite possibly the most flexible, durable, lightweight and virtually indestructible hose you’ll ever own. Traditional hoses kink and tangle because they’re made from heavy, inflexible rubber or vinyl. Flexillia is different. It’s constructed from our revolutionary flexible hybrid polymer that combines super strength with extreme flexibility, so it will never tangle or kink.

Watch the commercial and see how the Flexzilla is strong enough to tow a 25,000 pound truck (but please don’t try this yourself).  Traditional hoses can break in extreme cold, but Flexzilla can withstand temperatures down to -40º F. Check out the patent pending leak-free swivel grips that make connecting to any attachment a breeze. The hose rotates inside the grips to eliminate tangles.

Stop wasting money on cheap hoses that tangle, burst and leak. Save money and get your hose sooner if you buy Flexzilla on Amazon.


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