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Flex Tape

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Flex Tape

Phil Swift is back with Flex Tape, the super strong waterproof tape from the makers of Flex Seal. Flex Tape can instantly patch, bond, seal and repair. This is no ordinary tape. Its triple thick adhesive virtually welds itself to almost any surface, instantly stopping the toughest leaks.

Super strong, waterproof, works instantly.

Leaky pipes can cause major damage, but Flex Tape grips on tight and bonds instantly. The powerful adhesive is so strong, it even works underwater. Now you can repair leaks in pools and spas without draining them. Perfect for marine, outdoor and camping gear. Even make emergency repairs on air mattresses and inflatables. Flex Tape is super strong, and once it’s on, it holds on tight.

Watch Phil saw a boat in half and repairs it with Flex Tape.

Big storms can cause big damage, but Flex Tape comes super wide so you can patch big holes. Watch the commercial to see how Phil saws a boat in half and repairs it using only Flex Tape. It not only holds the boat together, but it creates a super strong weather tight seal so the inside is completely dry.


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    1. This product used to be available in Canada, but maybe not anymore. We’re not the seller, so we don’t have any further info. Looks like Amazon doesn’t sell this in Canada either.

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