Flex Seal Liquid – Rubber in a Can

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Flex Seal Liquid – Rubber in a Can

Phil Swift is back with an amazing new product: Flex Seal Liquid. It’s a super thick liquid rubber that you can pour right into cracks to stop water dead in its tracks. You can brush or roll large areas for a watertight seal. Even dip all your tools for a tough, no-slip grip.

Flex Seal Liquid starts out as a thick liquid, and turns into a super-strong, flexible rubber. Dip PVC pipes or downspouts to create a watertight seal that lasts for years. This rubberized coats prevents rust and corrosion. And in extreme heat or cold, Flex Seal Liquid keeps its hold.

Like a handyman in a can.

Unlike thick paints, Flex Seal Liquid is super-thick and creates a flexible barrier that’s completely waterproof. It’s like a handyman in a can. Safe around plants and animals. It’s the best choice for projects big or small, and can be painted any color. What exactly Flex Seal is made from seems to be a trade secret, but it’s probably some type of silicone rubber.

Brush, roll, dip or pour — foundation cracks, basement leaks, showers and baths, pipes and gutters, cars and trucks, campers and RVs, hobbies and projects.


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