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Flex Glue

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Flex Glue

Phil Swift is back with Flex Glue, the super strong, rubberized glue. It’s an amazing adhesive, with Instant Grab that locks in place and holds on tight. Flex Glue acts like a magnet, and the Pro Formula has even more Instant Grab, so you can tackle the biggest jobs. There’s a Flex Glue for everything you do.

Repairs are fast and easy with Flex Glue.

Perform many common household repairs without  using nails or screws. Flex Glue not only has Instant Grab, but it gets stronger over time. Once it reaches maximum strength, it can easily lift over 1,000 pounds.

Even works underwater.

Order Flex Glue for use on both indoor and outdoor projects, in any weather conditions, on wood, glass, tile, metal — virtually any surface. It even works when wet — you can apply it underwater and it even dries underwater. It’s UV resistant and totally waterproof. Any project, big or small, with Flex Glue you can do it all.


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