Flea Doctor

Flea Doctor Electronic Comb for Dogs and Cats

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Flea Doctor Electronic Comb for Dogs and Cats

Flea Doctor is the easy to use Electronic Comb guaranteed to kill fleas and remove them by just gently combing your pet. The secret is in the Comfort Charge technology. It reaches deep into your pet’s coat, finds the fleas, kills them and removes them from your pet. In seconds, it can remove dozens of fleas from your pet without chemicals, pesticides or toxins.

Comb fleas away — no chemicals, pesticides or toxins.

Just brush Flea Doctor through your dog or cat’s hair. The comb releases a slight electronic charge that kills the fleas without any discomfort or harm to your pet. The results can be seen instantly, right before your eyes. Got a cat with fleas? Call the Doctor. Dog with fleas? Call the Doctor. Young or old, long or short hair, call the Doctor.

You may have tried messy baths, collars, or chemicals. You just have to sit and wait to see if they work. With Flea Doctor, you know exactly when they’re gone. Just comb through your pet’s hair to kill and remove fleas. Easy discard dead fleas without ever touching them.

Just two fleas can quickly reproduce into many, infesting your home.

Stop and scratching and biting and kill fleas dead easily and without discomfort to your pet. Order Flea Doctor now.


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